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Pig Iron Fest Info
Topic: how Rotary can help revive the Pig Iron Fest.
Background: Rivertownes and Marietta Restoration initiated and ran the Pig Iron Fest from 2004 to 2013- largely through the efforts of Lenny Droege.  Lenny passed the baton off to a new chair but the event fell through and not is in jeopardy.  Donegal Rotary has an opportunity to assist and revive this important community event. MRA is the custodian of the fest site and both Rivertownes and MRA are interested in keeping this going.  A portion of the proceeds need to go back into the historic restoration projects that MRA is the custodian for through Lancaster County Parks.
This is an excellent opportunity for a district matching grant.
Pig Iron Fest Info Marcus Snow 2014-12-08 00:00:00Z
Marcellus Shale Update
Steve Mohr returned to our club with an update on issues surrounding The Marcellus Shale gas discoveries.  Steve explained the effects of Act 13 of 2012.  The act resulted in the collection of impact fees from Marcellus Shale projects.  In 2013 $225 + million was collected.  The revenue went to State Agencies (20 million), Local Municipalities (123 million), and the Marcellus Legacy fund (82 million).   As soon as the act was passed 20 rigs pulled out of PA.  Each rig provided 400 Jobs.  Steve is concerned that any new taxes would replace the impact fee and chase more rigs out of PA.. Stay tuned for more visits from Steve with updates after he visits with Governor Elect Wolf..
Marcellus Shale Update Tom Knorr 2014-11-25 00:00:00Z
Car Wash Tickets For Sale
We are running our annual car wash fundraiser again, just in time for the holiday season.  We are partnered with Mister Car Wash, and have two ticket options available.  The tickets are for an outside only express car wash ($8) and an inside and out full service wash ($19). These tickets are good at all Mister Car Wash Locations and never expire. Please contact any member of the Donegal Rotary Club for information in regards to our fundraiser and thank you for your support!
Car Wash Tickets For Sale Jeff Dill 2014-11-19 00:00:00Z
New Web Site is Ready!
We have switched to Club Runner to manage our club. 
One of the first things you need to do is set up your user name and password.
To do this follow these steps: 
1. Go to the website at clubrunner.ca/donegal  
2. Click on "member login"  
3. Select on "forgot password"  and follow the directions    
4. Now that you have your user name and password you can login to the website.
Our website address is currently www.portal.clubrunner.ca/donegal
Once you are on the site please check your member profile and make any changes necessary.
New Web Site is Ready! Raymond Knorr 2014-11-17 00:00:00Z
District Governor Visit
Our District Governor visited our club on October 21, 2014.
District Governor Visit 2014-10-12 00:00:00Z
Quote of the Week - Who Said It?
We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Raymond Knorr 2014-10-10 00:00:00Z
Mark Your Calendars!
Here you can post little tidbits of information, reminders, or anything else!
Mark Your Calendars! Raymond Knorr 2014-10-10 00:00:00Z
Security and Integrity of Your Data
ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.

Security and Integrity of Your Data Raymond Knorr